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Sunriver Organics provides a wide array of medical cannabis products that meet the health needs of patients with different conditions. We are equipped with the right know-how that allows us to advise you and recommend the right dose of medical cannabis that will address your problem.

Our professionals offer medical advice relating to the use of marijuana to treat various medical conditions. In addition to conventionally smoked cannabis, our medical marijuana dispensary offers edibles for patients who do not prefer to take their dose the traditional way. We also provide various accessories used when consuming our high-quality cannabis. These accessories include pipes, vaporizers, bongs, and dab pens as well as any other accessories that you may need to enjoy your marijuana. In keeping with state and federal laws, we avoid dispensing medical marijuana to patients without a written recommendation from a qualified and licensed practitioner. We regret to announce that we cannot dispense marijuana without medical recommendations or for recreational purposes.

We are more than happy to help in alleviating your pain, relieving your stress, and delivering a smile that comes with the highs! Contact our medical marijuana dispensary today for all of your cannabis needs, and you will be glad you did it.